Management and human resources development in business sector

Modes of study / Info Pack

  • regular/part-time, for holders of "Bachelor"/"Master" degree in the majors in professional field 3.7. Administration and management, and 3.8. Economics  – 2 semesters – Info Pack
  • regular/part-time, for holders of "Bachelor"/"Master" degree outside the majors the professional field 3.7. Administration and management, and 3.8. Economics – 4 semesters – Info Pack


The accreditation of this program is until 2020 .


The education is performed by Faculty of Economics.



The purpose of education is to prepare professionals with knowledge and skills to build a professional approach to work with people in organizations, their training and development. These professionals can work as managers and professionals in management units of human resources in all areas of economic, socio-cultural practices and public organizations.

Graduates can work as:

  • Head of Unit HRM;
  • Leaders of consulting firms in the selection and recruitment of staff;
  • Experts and advisors at different levels in all institutions and organizations in the management of human resources;
  • Managers, professionals and experts in units of career development, independent consultants.


  • Knowledge and skills in the wider economic, social and managerial aspects that enrich and develop the basis obtained in this direction from the completed degree "Bachelor" knowledge and expertise in the following areas:
  • Methods for the use and employment of human resources;
  • Strategic planning and organization of human resources;
  • Approaches for the selection and evaluation of staff;
  • Motivation, job behavior, contemporary models of payment and promotion of personnel;
  • Labor relations and negotiation;
  • Management of career development;
  • Management of conflicts and organizational change.
  • Ability to apply  integrated application of knowledge;
  • Plan and organize the using of human resources;
  • Make a selection and career development of staff;
  • Apply modern methods of evaluation, motivation and promotion of personnel;
  • Establish and improve labor relations and relationships in teams;
  • Know and apply the legal framework of labor relations and negotiating.

Occupations that graduates can perform:

Leaders in Human Resource Management – Manager, Human Resources; Director/ Human Resource Manager; Manager, HR; head, sector human resources manager; organization and efficiency of the labor ; recruitment, manager, health and safety working, Experts – labor efficiency, health and safety, industrial relations, normalization  of the labor, education and training, work organization – recruitment, career, career, employment, labor mediation and guidance, human resource management .

The curriculum is consistent with the curricula of many universities in Western Europe and with the requirements of the Unified system of credit transfer.

The qualification characteristics of Major "Business Management and Entrepreneurship" for Education and Qualification Degree "Master" with professional qualification  "Master in Management and Development of Human Resources in Economic Sector " is a basic document which defines and presets the further designing of the curriculum and study course programs. The qualification characteristics is in compliance with the Higher Education Act of the Republic of Bulgaria, with the Regulations for the state requirements for awarding educational and qualification degrees of "Master", "Bachelor" and "Specialist" and with the internal regulations of the South-West University "Neofit Rilski".