Business management and entrepreneurship

Modes of study / Info Pack

  • regular/part time – 8 semesters – Info Pack


The accreditation of this program is until 2020 .


The education is performed by Faculty of Economics.


The characteristic "Business Management and Entrepreneurship" defines the professional qualification of students who graduate with professional qualification "Manager" and aquire the degree "Bachelor".

The students who complete their studies in "Business Management and Entrepreneurship" can be employed as:

  • Directors /managers/ at all management levels; functional specialists in all branches of the management hierarchy, experts /counselors/ senior management in the sectors of business organizations, consultants and experts in management and organizational development specialist companies and research organizations, professionals management and administration in local and state government structures.


The purpose is to submit thorough theoretical and practical skills in the management of firms in a market economy by a system of fundamental and applied disciplines. Training in this specialty includes a specialized trainingwhich is conducted through a compulsory, elective and optional subjects. It builds up the basic knowledge in the contemporary modern management thas applies international experience in management and reengineering. Students gain skills for a quick and adequate response consistent with changing conditions in the environment. They build habits of using management technology by software and orientation in a rich information base by using the potential of the Internet environment.

The preparation of the future manager has to be on a high social and economic niveau. For this purpose the training in block semesters include compulsory and elective subjects designated by appropriate regulations and disciplines specified in the curriculum at the discretion of the Department and the Faculty Council. This strikes a balance between knowledge according to state requirements while the freedom of the guides and the students themselves to form a final specialty curriculum.

The general theoretical subjects occupy a significant share that provide fundamental knowledge of economic and socio-political processes in a market economy.


  1. Knowledge of principles and methods of management, refracted through the prism of global macroeconomic processes;
  2. Thorough knowledge of enterprise management in all aspects – production, finance, innovation, staff, etc.;
  3. Basic knowledge in the following areas:

    • Mathematics, basics of law, micro-and macro-economics, philosophy, economic theory, European Economic Cooperation;
    • Marketing, business planning and control, basics of management, business history, accounting, statistics, labor economics, finance, prices and pricing policies;
    • Management innovation, business communications and public relations company accounting, quality management, international business;
    • International markets based on private law, information systems and technologies, economic security and business intelligence, agricultural management, etc.
  4. Skills for developing a business plan of the company;
  5. Skills for oriented strategic businesses management and ability to make a environment "snapshot" and country snapshot"  the leading trends in development;
  6. Competencies for organizing and conducting of market research by using  economic methods and technologies;
  7. Preparing of a comprehensive analysis for financial and economic activity of the company through the application of statistical and other research methods;
  8. Skills for processing, systematizing, analyzing and displaying of the leading trends in the company, which favors making strategic and tactical management decisions;
  9. Building up of manager's skills – professionalism, organizational skills, responsibility, honesty, etc.;
  10. Acquiring of communicating skills with subordinates to delegate and create optimal socio-psychological climate in the team and the conditions in which the interaction of the working group are influenced.

The students who complete their studies in Business Management and Entrepreneurship can exercise the following professions

  1. Directors and assistant directors in companies and organizations;
  2. Administrative managers in companies – leaders in business services and administrative activities; leaders in policy and strategic planning executives and sales and marketing
  3. Team Leaders
  4. Analysts – efficiency of the business, market research and more.
  5. Key experts and experts – logistics, financial and economic analyzes, social security, marketing, international cooperation, policy prices, advertising, marketing, sales, European integration, business, business development, engineering, etc.
  6. Managers – finance, sales, marketing, market research, etc.
  7. Consultants – business
  8. Analyzers
  9. Managers of enterprises and organizations.

The qualification characteristics of  "Business Management and Entrepreneurship" for the degree "Bachelor", professional qualification "Business Management and Entrepreneurship" is a key document that determines the development of curriculum and programs. It is consistent with the Higher Education Act, the Ordinance on the state requirements for acquiring degree "Master," "Bachelor", "Specialist" and regulations of SWU "Neofit Rilski".