Modes of study / Info Pack

  • Full time/part time, for students possessing bachelor/master degree on subjects in the professional fields 3.8. Economics, 3.7. Administration and Management and 3.9. Tourism – 2 semesters – Info Pack
  • Full time/part time, for students possessing bachelor/master degree on subjects in the professional fields 3.8. Economics, 3.7. Administration and Management and 3.9. Tourism – 4 semesters – Info Pack
  • regular/part-time, for holders of "Professional bachelor in…" degree in the majors in professional field 3.8. Economics – 4 semesters – Info Pack


The accreditation of this program is until 2018 .


The education is performed by Faculty of Economics.


Requirements of the professional qualities and competence of graduates:

The Master degree program of Major "Finance" has the mission to prepare cadres who can perform managerial functions in the areas of public and corporate finance, for the different levels of the fiscal and financial system of the Republic of Bulgaria, for bank and non-bank financial institutions, for the central bank, for the financial structures of the European Union, and for state institutions which accumulate, manage and spend public funds.

Those who graduate the Major Finance can take the following positions:

  • financial manager, specialist in finance in budget organizations, credit inspector, broker or dealer, tax inspector, insurance specialist, social security specialist, customs inspector etc.


A holder of master degree in Major "Finance" is prepared to make managerial decisions in a dynamic business environment, to formulate concepts and strategies for the development of financial sector.

A Master in Finance applies the acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the areas of:

  • Bank management and marketing, risk management;
  • Financial econometrics and finance of entrepreneurship;
  • Central bank policy and functions;
  • Public sector economy and specificity of municipal finance;
  • International public finance, programs and policies of the European Union.

Those who have acquired a master degree in Major "Finance" can practice the following professions and take the respective positions in accordance with the National classification of professions and job positions, 2011:

– 1211 Managers of financial activities; – 1213 Internal audit manager; – 1346 Head of a branch of a financial and insurance institution; – 2111 Auditors and accountants; – 2441Economists; – 2422 Specialist in administrative policy (accounting); – 7040 Head of Bulgarian National Audit Office;  – 7043 Analysis and prognosis manager;  – Head of strategic planning; – 7045 Head of a branch of the National Social Security Institute; – 5056 Project manager; – 3312 Credit specialist; – 3311 Securities broker; – 3313 Operations accountant; – 3314 Applied specialist statistics; – 3315 Assessor of property and damage; – 3324 Trade agent; – 4311 Accountant; – 3321 Insurance agent; – 3334 Real estate and property management agents; – 3341 Office manager; – 3351 Customs and border inspectors; – 3352 Civil servants performing tax and financial control; – 3353 Inspector in state administration on social assistance and social security; – 3359 Applied specialists in tax administration; – 4211 Bank tellers; – 4214 Debt collectors; – 4312 Employees keeping statistical, financial and insurance documents;

The qualification characteristics of Major "Finance" for Education and Qualification Degree "Master" with professional qualification  "Master in Finance" is a basic document which defines and presets the further designing of the curriculum and study course programs. The qualification characteristics is in compliance with the Higher Education Act of the Republic of Bulgaria, with the Regulations for the state requirements for awarding educational and qualification degrees of "Master", "Bachelor" and "Specialist" and with the internal regulations of the South-West University "Neofit Rilski".