Laboratory for econometric studies

The operation of the laboratory is based on the formation of research potential based on the application of modern econometric methods in the study of current economic problems. For the purpose of the lab is provided a modern network of computerized workplace equipped with specialized software and databases that assist in the development of scientific research and practical training in the faculty. Users of the lab – students, graduate students, faculty, and other researchers are able to:

Have direct access to the following databases:

  • Database of the International Monetary Fund
  • DataStream, I/B/E/S (Institutional Brokers Estimate System)
  • Thomson One
  • Thomson Deal Scan
  • ICAP
  • Compustat North America
  • PerTrac Financial Solutions
  • CRSP (The Centre for Research in Security Prices)

 Use applied econometric software for analysis:

  •  EViews
  • SPSS
  • OxMetrics
  • Gretel

 Objectives of the Laboratory for econometric studies:

1. To support the development of the scientific potential of the Faculty of Economics at SWU "Neofit Rilski" – Blagoevgrad and the publication activity of the faculty, and contribute to its establishment as a modern educational and scientific and research center;

2 . To organize and carry out research, training and educational activities in the field of economics and finance to support the learning process of the students and PhD candidates in the faculty;

3 . To disseminate the results of scientific and applied research carried out in the laboratory;

4 . The laboratory cooperates with authorities at central and local government, businesses , educational, academic and governmental organizations in the country and abroad.


To achieve its objectives, the Centre organizes the following activities:

1. Training of students and life-long learning in approved training programs for acquiring additional qualifications, specializations of applied nature;

2 . Support for scientific interest groups of students by offering the opportunity for specialized econometric training and guidance for their empirical research on the development of the course papers and diploma thesis.

3 . Facilitate the active involvement of students and young scientists up to 35 years old in research projects and activities at the department and faculty level;

4 . Methodological, organizational and technical support to graduate students in the faculty by organizing training seminars and implementation of specific projects and empirical research;

5. Develops research projects and participate in their implementation;

6 . Develops guidelines, concepts, programs, projects and tasks related to improving and developing the business;

7. Performs qualification, consultancy, informational, and educational activities. In accordance with European standards, offers flexible education and training programs to meet the rapidly changing socio-economic reality, conducts research, testing and consulting services of applied nature.

8. Based on empirical research realized in practice it will seek to form a potential to complement existing curriculum with new courses or courses that enhance the practical nature of the training in the faculty.

9. To develop cooperation with similar institutions in the country and with international organizations in the field of scientific and applied research, life-long learning, to support the implementation of the international relations of its members;

10. The Laboratory can carry out other activities to achieve its objectives and more efficient use of resources.