International tourism

Modes of study / Info Pack

  • Full time/part time, for individuals who have "Bachelor" / "Master" Degree in Majors of professional field 3.9. Tourism – 2 semesters – Info Pack
  • Full time/part time, for individuals who have "Bachelor" / "Master" Degree in Majors of professional direction different from 3.9. Tourism  – 4 semesters – Info Pack


The accreditation of this program is until 2019 .


The education is performed by Faculty of Economics.


Requirements for the professional qualities and competences of the graduates:

The Master degree is intended to deliver general educational and specialized theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enabling the establishment of a private tourist business and/or performance of managerial functions. For this sake, the curriculum contains disciplines which form the basis of knowledge related with the organization and technology of international tourism, the financial instruments applicable to international tourism, the tourism alliances as the largest representatives of the tourist sector, and the international cooperation as a prerequisite for the sustainable development of tourism. Special attention is paid to special activities like e-commerce in tourism, management of catering undertakings, cultural and health tourism.

Requirements to the training of the specialist:

The specialist who completes the Master educational and qualification degree with International Tourism professional qualification should possess concrete skills in the spheres of:

  • Strategic management of international tourism, tourist destinations and tourist flows
  • Technology and the modeling of tourist travel;
  • National characteristics and behavior of tourists;
  • Operational management of the sub-sector tourism industries (cultural tourism, spa and wellness tourism, health tourism, etc.)

The master specialist has to:

  • Be aware of technology identification, development and implementation of strategies in the tourism industry;
  • Be able to plan, organize and carry out market research and quantitative analyses for the tourism industry;
  • Manage different types of tourism businesses in specific sub-sectors of international tourism;
  • Possess a high degree of autonomy in formulating and making managerial decisions in tourism.

All the above mentioned skills suggest a special focus on the application of theoretical knowledge in a simulated situation and in solving practical issues.

The training course in the Master program terminates with a Master's thesis, the theme of which is consistent with the individual interests of students, with a view to their future career.

After graduating their education in the Master degree with International Tourism professional qualification graduates can find their professional realization in national and local tourism authorities (administrations), in international tourism organizations and associations, travel agencies and tour operator companies and all other types of tourist business in the various sub-sectors of the tourism industry.

Those graduated in major Tourism may practice the following occupations and hold the respective positions according to the National Classification of Occupations, 2011:

– 1412/2003 Manager of self-service restaurant; – 1412/3004 Manager of confectionery / café; – 1412/3005 Manager of bar; – 1412/3006 Manager of restaurant; – 1412/3007 Manager of cafeteria; – 1412/3008 Manager of catering; – 1412/3009 Head at a restaurant department; – 1412/3011 Owner of restaurant; – 1431/3015 Manager of recreation; – 1431/3017 Manager of casino; – 1431/3020 Manager of entertainment parks; – 1431/6021 Head at cultural activities departments; – 1431/6022 Head of recreation department; – 1431/6023 Head of sports activity department; – 1439/3001 Manager of public service of population facility; – 1439/3003 Manager of camping; – 1439/3004 Manager of tourist agency; – 1439/3005 Manager of services bureau; – 1439/3006 Manager of lodge; – 1411/3001 Head at hotel department; – 1411/3002 Manager of hotel; – 1411/3003 Manager of motel; – 1412/3001 Head of public restaurant; – 1439/6007 Head of department at a tourist agency; – 1439/3008 Head of contact center; – 1439/3009 Head of conference center; – 4224/2001 Receptionist, hotel; – 4224/3002 Administrator, hotel; – 1120/7014 Deputy-head of enterprise; – 1120/7015 Deputy-head of cooperative enterprise; – 1120/7016 Deputy-head of management board, board of directors, commercial enterprise; – 1120/7017 Deputy-executive director; – 1120/7018 Chairman, management board /board of directors/ of commercial company; – 1120/7019 Chairman, supervisory board at a commercial company; – 1120/7020 Member, board of directors; – 1120/7021 Members, management board; – 1120/7022 Procurator / commercial manager /; – 1120/7023 Manger; – 1213/5046 Head of project.